On the island of crete in the country areas where the sound of vagrant workers can be heard gathering clay, wood, weaving clothes, and tending to mewing sheep; a house lies nestled within the hills within a property claimed by a man of means-Venerin Salin. It uses the hills with carefully tended trees to keep the house kept cool in the shade most of the day, the gentle shadows combating the heat of the sun that bears down in summer months. In a small clearing just outside this is a fenced in fruit orchard, containing a scattered variety of fruit trees that keep the family fed with fresh fruit and preserves for much of the year, not to mention some fruity wines.

The home itself is a bit of an unusual design, having been divided into wings in such a way it navigates the valleys of the rolling hills. This helps to keep it more thoroughly in the shade, even if it gives it an unusual layout. The building starts in a central area, where a small seclusion wall surrounds it and the hills to help divide the rif raff from the owner and his family. A main building stands there, which expands into three arms so to speak, the one going out the back splitting into two more arms. The house is of notable size and ampleness, befitting one rising into politics and status as a merchant prince. It demonstrates the growing wealth of the owner, and gives a good show to any visitors he may take in.

Within the house, you find furniture acquired from across the Mediterranean, painstakingly organized by Venerin's beautiful wife Esmeralda and some of the staff. Within the main entry area, it is a demonstration of the expanse where he trades, showing the fine wealth he can afford. From there, the upper stories of that part serve as private areas to serve dinners and host guests, but the wings are held to keep the family and their private matters moreso. One of the rear wings acts as Venerin's private area, with a libarary, maps, and other things, alongside some relaxation rooms where he can be alone or bring some guests who he wants to keep away from everyone. The other wing at the back acts as a general private quarters for his family, containing a dining room, kitchen, bedrooms, some garden access, and other things to keep the family happy and occupied. The two wings going out to the side act as places with a variety of rooms for various specialty or everyday needs, and are the most public wings, hosting servant and guest quarters as well.

The back two wings have several doors accessing a private garden, where carefully maintained streams cool the air and give a relaxing sound to the atmosphere. These areas are well out of site of the public, with hills between them and the seclusion wall to allow a private outdoor area for the family to host events and such. The other wings have open areas, where the staff mingles outside in gazebos and other things when on break.

All in all, it is a rather expansive home that will someday make a very happy heir.