<b>How it works:</b>
In the Townhall you can find the Town Consumption screen.
There you see what goods your city needs.
From time to time the city try to consume these goods from the market.

If the consumption is successful the city can grow
inhabitants will become more and the will advance from beggar to burgess and finally princes.

If there is not enough goods on the market nothing happens.

Exceptions are:

No food means the inhabitants may starve and die.
So allways support your beggars with fish and crops.
Burgess need bread, honey and salt.
Princes need meat grapes sugarcane and spices.

<b>Why should i support my city?</b>
The bigger the city the more goods are consumed by the inhabitants.
That means prices regenerate faster and you can sell more goods for a better price without moving the stuff around.
And finally to sell high level goods like gold you need a city with enough princes.
A city without any princes only buy gold at the minimum price because they dont need any.

<b>My city is full of everything and i dont get good prices for my production... what now?</b>
Instead of selling your produced goods for the minimum price move it to a city near you and the sell it there.
The best thing would be to cooperate with other players and support each other with goods the other needs.

Hope you got and idea about how the city consumption works.
Happy trading!